Friday, 2 January 2015

We believe, finding 'love' shouldn't cost money!
That too for a person like you, who vouch to "remove social evils such as caste, gothra, religions and dowry!"
Come let's join hands to remove the evils practiced in the name of marriage!
Let us do our part to Indian society.
Our goal is to bring marital bliss tomillions with " true love" as the only reason and creating "truesoulmates"!
This world of ours is a beautiful place, we would like you to find your soulmate in an easy and fast way, and importantly free!.
We're interested in creating meaningful experiences for people.
We want to associate with people who have vision, strength and passion for change and who believe in what they're doing, because they're the ones who have a real story to tell.
Our competition charges money for you to find your partner - which isn't based on a "true love"!
In addition they strive to uphold the status quo and continue the divisions in our society - such as caste, religion and evils such as 'dowry'!
If you believe in them you could visit them, there are plenty!
Isn't 'love' a reason enough to come together celebrate life?
We think so, we hope you believe in that too!